Monday, December 7, 2009

Potential Ideas

For potential web portfolio theme ideas, I have no idea where I will go. Some people might like themes that are about change and growth but I don't find those ideas appealing. The thrill of new discovery or similar things usually are what people fall back on, even if its not true. I don't feel as if I have grown throughout the interim, but rather remained fairly static. Although I have learned a bit about electronic writing environments, my writing hasn't changed to suit them, because I feel my writing is ambiguous enough to suit both electronic and traditional writing environments already. Here are some rhetorical themes nonetheless.

  1. Plains or Oceans - something great and unchanging, despite factors looking to alter them (wow, I really think I'm a pretty good writer, huh?)
  2. Skies throughout the day - I have no idea but it would really appeal to me to have different backgrounds possibly changing from sunrise to moonrise, showing the time that's passed since I began each project


I have decided to revise my enthusiast blog and the Wikitravel website. I have chosen these two because I believe they hold the most promise and could turn into the best of my projects with a little effort.

Enthusiast Blog-
  • add more pictures and media in general
  • add more personal touches (don't focus solely on general RA things)
  • add more real stories/try and make HC more realistic with references

Wikitravel Site -

  • more detail and design
  • more discussion posts
  • add entries

Kimball Response:

The Kimball article was long and rather repetitive, but it did give me a good idea what I should be aiming for when writing:

  • they have good artifacts, and explain the development and reason for the artifacts, and give a honest and thorough self-review of them
  • should have a clear navigation with a straightforward layout
  • "careful use of color"
  • should have a purpose denoted outright

The article had many subpoints concerning these topics, but these are the main headings to be followed. There were also little boxes with tips not concerning any of the above-mentioned that were helpful. When creating an online portfolio, this article will surely come in handy.