Monday, December 7, 2009

Potential Ideas

For potential web portfolio theme ideas, I have no idea where I will go. Some people might like themes that are about change and growth but I don't find those ideas appealing. The thrill of new discovery or similar things usually are what people fall back on, even if its not true. I don't feel as if I have grown throughout the interim, but rather remained fairly static. Although I have learned a bit about electronic writing environments, my writing hasn't changed to suit them, because I feel my writing is ambiguous enough to suit both electronic and traditional writing environments already. Here are some rhetorical themes nonetheless.

  1. Plains or Oceans - something great and unchanging, despite factors looking to alter them (wow, I really think I'm a pretty good writer, huh?)
  2. Skies throughout the day - I have no idea but it would really appeal to me to have different backgrounds possibly changing from sunrise to moonrise, showing the time that's passed since I began each project

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