Monday, November 9, 2009

Last Reflection on Website Design

I think this project was helpful, if not entirely interesting. I like having knowledge about possibilities that are open to me, and if I ever need to create a website, I now have the ability to do so. I also know a bit more about the design of websites, which will make me a more conscientious reader. I hope I don't turn into one of those people that can't enjoy things because of their knowledge though (i.e. film majors critiquing ever movie they see, unable to enjoy the storyline because of their focus on camera angles, etc.)

I would like to say, even though our project was on redesigning a poor website, I didn't think Scandinavian Sun Tanning was that horrible. They had links and information, it was poorly organized, but there. Of course, our redesign was better. But I think the main problem with the site is that it was just hideous. Honestly, there were some poor theme choices. Overall, I think our redesign would benefit the company, but their current website is at least operational.

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