Friday, November 13, 2009

Reaction to Social Networking Sites Article

This article wasn't terrible. In fact, it had a lot of interesting information; I found the history time line of social networking sites especially interesting. I would praise this article because it is well-researched and explores several topic that I wouldn't think to consider when talking about social networking sites. It also reviews several sites (Friendster, Myspace, etc.) and what caused their success and downfall, further shedding light onto what makes SNSs prosper. I thought the section on privacy was most illuminating because I didn't realize there was actual research on students attitudes towards SNSs and privacy. To me, it seemed common sense, since I have grown up with the internet, but it's interesting to see someone taking their thoughts to an official level.

On the other hand, the article was extremely lengthy. While I appreciate it's depth, I cannot say that enjoyed the read. As previously stated, often times I feel rather well informed on these subject, if only because I grew up in the midst of the SNS maelstrom. All in all though, it was a solid, informative read.

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