Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reaction to Boyd/Bennet debate

First and foremost, although I disagree with most of Bennet's ideas, I have to say that he is well cited and has done his research, having more than enough sources to support his key points. That being said, his idealistic views of how the internet should be utilized with today's youth (turning away from traditional teaching) did not sit well with me. Traditional teaching is traditional for a reason, which is something coming out of 20 year old college student's mouth. I am not saying that the power of the internet should be ignored, rather only mildly incorporated. I do not think the world is ready for an entirely e-oriented society, nor do I think that young student have the maturity to be able to learn from the internet effectively.

Boyd also made some fantastic points about the use of social networking sites as spamming for political activists. I can 100 percent agree with that statement because while Boyd may not cite research, it is something I have experienced often in my own life. (See psychology's "person who" theory on how I can justify refuting the clearly presented reseach of Bennet). All in all, I thought both arguments had interesting points, but I will continue to support Boyd's theories.

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