Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chapter 17 - Website Design

This chapter was illuminating in several ways. I did not realize there were such basic structural components that all websites seem to share. Also, the tips were common sense based, but when I design my website, I will be sure to stick to them. Advice like "keep it simple", "stay consistent", and (what I thought was the most helpful) "keep important information available" is useful to maintain a clear view of the goal of the website.
Another useful part of the article was the sample site given and the breakdown of all its elements. The site can be used as a template or reference when designing your own site. I also intend on using the checklist to proof my future site.

I believe a website with a good design is This website is the official website of the aforementioned band. It is very basic to follow and utilizes several concepts discussed. For example, the sidebar of important information is always available. The photos section shows the entirety of the albums, but then when clicked on, uses a pop-out to scroll through the zoomed in photos. Also, the "SHOP" section for merchandise is actually a link to the online store (related site).

A website that could improve it's design is This site is completely based on the submitting of texts sent in by readers. It design is straight-forward and hierarchical (based on time of submitting). I would like to see a better system of rating (site allows for "bad night - thumbs down and good night - thumbs up) because the current system is a bit confusing. Also, the markup to submit a text is a bit confusing. There is also no marking distinction of time (such as submitted on this day), it is a giant stream. Overall, I'd like to see more organization.

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