Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wikitravel - Useful Manual Tips

The first tip I found helpful was the section on bodies of water. Since my choice (Fairlee, Vermont) has a lake as a central feature, I was unsure how to approach adding it in the article. The manual of style let me know that I could put it under See or Do (most likely I will put it under Do). Then I can list activities going on around it (If you stay at the Inn you can rent all sorts of boats/canoes or get ski lessons, etc).

The next tip I liked was the "Geocoding". This is where you can add latitude and longitude in the article. Since I know the exact coordinates of the center of the lake (several of my family members have this tattooed on them), I would like to put that in the article.

Lastly, I liked the section on "Lisitings" because it gave in depth information on exactly what to include for each section. The stiff structure for the template is exactly what's needed to keep the article clear and focused.

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