Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Response to Google Sites

Google sites looks promising for the technologically challenged, such as myself. The layout and site design seems very basic and straight-forward. I like that the home page and the subsequent linking pages are easy to create and easy to edit. I also like that the site allows more then one person to own editing privileges, simply by linking their email. Lastly, I really appreciate how Google sites takes a lot of the choice from your hands when designing. More specifically, as a designer, you are mostly responsible for content, rather than both content and detailed site mapping with technological jargon necessary.

At the same token, my favorite parts of Google Sites might be its downfall. It's simplicity for challenged folk like myself, may frustrate more technically saavy people. Because its so basic, there are a lot of applications that are passed over in the interest streamlining the site creating process.

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