Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Initial Reactions to Wikitravel

In my haste, I mistook today's assignment for Friday's homework. Here is the belated reaction to Wikitravel.

I thought that Wikitravel was an interesting idea. I assume that its creation was to provide and outlet for the bias that would surely leak into Wikipedia entries on certain places. I can see that this new outlet for travel guide/place reviews allowed editors to exit their neutral tone and truly detail a place's ambiance.

I really enjoy the layout of Wikitravel. Just as I respect Wikipedia's table of contents at the top of each article, this wiki allows for a simple design in the partitioning. If I want to know what there is to see, do, or eat I can look at that. It provides travelling information within the area as well as how to get there. I found on several places a "Stay Safe" section which was comforting and, I believe, would be very helpful.

All in all, I really like the concept of Wikitravel.

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