Monday, October 5, 2009

WikiTravel Article

Three places I would like to write about:

1. My home town, Cheshire, CT. There is not an article yet on my town. I would try to create one by putting in common destinations and write about the school populations. Town history and monuments would probably also have a place there.

2. My second home, Fairlee, VT. I would write about common town organizations that my family is involved in (i.e. Lake Morey Protection Association: LMPA). I would also add about the history of the measures taken to clean/maintain the lakes purity. Possibly I would add some history about the common places in town.

3. Wakefield, RI. I would do this place last, mostly because I have no where else that I have extensive knowledge about. I probably could not bring a lot to this article without more research, but ultimately I think it would be a guide to college students with cars (bars, food places, police history, etc.)

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