Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Reflection #3

Thoughts on Patricia Hearst:

I made my nom de plume into Patty Hearst. This is for anonymity reasons, but I figured I'd pick a name with mild significance. In case you were unaware, Patty Hearst is the daughter of a millionaire that was kidnapped when she was nineteen from her apartment in California by the Symbionese Liberation army. They tried to swap her for their imprisoned members, but when that failed, they forced her father to feed the hungry in the Bay Area. Supposedly, she was brainwashed in the most brutal of fashions until she took the name Talia and joined their movement wholeheartedly.
Patty said that she just agreed with everything that was said to her until she started believing it herself.
I have taken Patty's name as my nom de plume as a reminder that I never want to tow the party line so far that I believe it myself. I demand to keep my own will and express that in the form of blogging.

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