Monday, September 21, 2009

Decided: Life as an R.A.

I have decided to do my blog on being an R.A. This is a topic that is easy for me to write about because it basically defines my life at school. There will constantly be new happenings for me to blog about, and if I can manage to stay within the confidentiality rules, I can hopefully keep my job as well.

I would attempt to attract a college audience, since most have at one point lived on campus (thus with an R.A.). My style will be sarcastic humor because that is what I am most comfortable with and also the preferred humor of the college student body.

Potential Titles:
-True Life: I am R.A.
-Fuck! It's the R.A.!
-Secret Life of a URI R.A.

Potential Posts:
-any time I bust up a party
-horrible HRL bureaucracy
-best excuses ever given

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