Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Reflection #1

So my first reflection is further in hindsight than I would have originally liked. I will reflect on my original blog critiques that I have since edited.

I was told that both that the layout of my blog was aesthetically pleasing and too dark for my subject matter. I chose to listen to parts of each critique. I have kept my original layout but lightened the color scheme. This way I can cater to my own needs of clean lines and clear division of sections and remove the sinister undertone that the black background creates.

I was also told that my personality may have come across a bit heavy-handed. I can see how that is so, between the swearing and blatant generalizations, I may have alienated quite a few audiences. At first, I was perfectly alright with this, but upon the realization that the internet is accessible to all, I have decided to lighten up on the profanity. Maybe not so much on the generalizations and sarcasm, though, because I would like my particular brand of humor to be at least mildly apparent.

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