Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Response to Stefanac

The Stefanac article was helpful in quite a few ways. First, it provided a great example. To someone who has extremely limited experience with blogging, the section on Mr. Jalopy was insightful. It let you into an experienced blogger's viewpoint, showing both his dedication and passion. It was helpful in other ways because it showed that blogging wasn't just lazy journalism, but more along the lines of an extreme hobby.
Another thing the Stefanac article was helpful with was providing tips into blogging. The main message I gained from the tips provided was moderation. Posts shouldnt be too long, nor too short. Language shouldn't be boring, but just the right amount of informal. Claims made on the blog shouldn't be outrageous, but they don't have to be thoroughly researched either. Everything in moderation.
All in all I feel the article was extremely heplful for beginners.

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