Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Funneling my blog's focus

Here are some ideas I've brainstormed for a more focused content on my blog:

1. Social Stigma Oddities - basic human behaviors you might observe everyday that are unexplainable but completely acceptable

2. Gossip Girl: URI Women's Rugby Style - get the insider action of one of the weirdest teams I've ever played for

3. Life as an R.A. (and R.A. related subjects) - learn how it feels to be the most hated (but useful) resource on campus

4. Kelly's Best Seller List- books I've willingly read, books I've been forced to read, what's hot, and what to steer clear of. A blog devoted to helping you avoid pitfalls like Great Expectations

5. What's the opposite of Ben Stein? Oh, my money strategies - Follow a college student through common monetary decisions, the good, the bad, and the illegal

1 comment:

  1. These are great, Kelly-- I can already see your personality coming through! I'm thinking that #3 and #5 might make the strongest blogs. #1 needs to be more specific, #2 could be potentially harmful to other people, and #4 isn't as original as the others (though you made me laugh with your description!). Ultimately, you need to choose the one you're most passionate about and make sure it's specific enough...