Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Response to Rebecca Blood

I found Ms. Blood's in-depth history of the origin of blogging interesting. Today, the phenomena of blogging is so widespread, it is simply accepted as having always been. But in truth, Blood revealed that blogging, or web logging, was a rarity that burst onto the scene with surprising gusto. The transformation from 10 bloggers to 10's of hundreds of bloggers happened in only a few short months.
The view of blogging as self-expression was not a new concept to me. However, Ms. Blood's interpretation of blogging as a deeper method of learning and self-discovery was compelling. She presented blogging as a way to develop critical thinking and learn to form of opinions. The notion of tomorrow's activists cutting their teeth on their social opinions today was fairly intriguing.
In contrast, blogging is, in some ways, a dicey subject. While the majority of people might be sharing their opinions or a love that they've developed, it all must be taken with a grain of salt. The lack of boundaries that allows for such free thinking that is the mainstay of blogging also allows for absolute nonsense to go unchecked. All and all, I feel that the positives of blogging outweigh the negative consequences that might occur. I hope I enjoy the foray into the world of web logging as so many others have seemed to.

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